Internationales Gymnasium Meerane


Happy Halloween!

Am 01.11.2017 ging es an den Internationalen Schulen Meerane gruselig zu. Viele Schüler kamen an diesem Tag in schaurig-schönen Kostümen, mit Masken oder aufwändig geschminkt zum Unterricht. Auf jeden wartete eine süß-saure Belohnung und die besten Kostüme wurden mit einem kleinen Geschenk belohnt. Die Klasse 5G veranstaltete außerdem ein Kürbisschnitzen.


The day after Halloween at IOM & IGM

On the 1st of November 2017 we celebrated Halloween in our school. Everyone was dressed up. They put on make-up or were little Harry Potters, monsters, zombies or witches. A photographer took photos of all the dressed students. Until the sixth lesson we learned in our costumes and then we got sweets and bloody “wiener” fingers, lemonade with worms and much more. Grade nine prepared all the yummy things in our students’ kitchen. The teachers were dressed up, too. Our headmistress for example came disguised as Harry Potter. After that we had an award ceremony. The winner was a student of class 6b: Lorenzo. Jenny of class 5G was the runner-up, and Nora of class 6b came in third. It was such a scary, but also funny day! Lilly & Helena (class 8)